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exacqVision Client

Customize your client based on your personal preferences
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The Client Setup page allows you to customize your client based on your personal preferences. The Live Video Panel section allows you to disable the colored borders that indicate motion or alarm recording or PTZ focus in Live mode. You can also disable sunken borders to decrease the separation between video windows (this can be useful if you want to place two separate video streams from a single panoramic camera next to each other and view them a single, nearly seamless video window).

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  • Question: I need the ABC's of entering the property camera website. I am Assoc VP. I have password, but have no idea of how to go about doing this.

    You can connect to the camera through the available client from the official website. Use the links posted below to access the download page as well as the Knowledge base where you can find out how to connect.

    • Download page: https://exacq.com/support/downloads.php
    • Manuals page: https://exacq.com/support/manspecs/
    • Knowledge base: https://exacq.com/kb/
  • Question: There is a constant buzz or white noise sound coming from my computer. I hit mute but it doesn't turn it off.

    The simplest way to turn off the buzz is to actually mute it in the sound options. This happens because the microphone is too close to the speakers. Even if you mute the microphone, it will still work normally and you can talk without problems. Secondly, try muting the LINE IN in the sound configuration interface. This is known to cause buzzing on PCs.

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